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Piano Lessons Schedule and Structure

Piano Lessons Schedule and Structure

London Piano Teachers’ schedule, structure, and policies for piano lessons


  • We offer private piano lessons, taking place in your home, or in our teaching studios.

  • Piano lessons take place on a weekly basis.

  • Piano lessons generally last one hour for adults and children above the age of 7.

  • Piano lessons generally last 30 minutes for children less than 7 years old, though we sometimes do offer 45-minute or hour-long piano lessons to young children who have above-average attention spans.

  • Piano lesson times are scheduled around your availability. We can accommodate piano lessons at a variety of times during the day or evening, on any day of the week.

  • You are not required to commit to any number of piano lessons with us, and you can stop your piano lessons at any time with 5 working days' notice.

  • It is easy to cancel lessons when you are away on holidays, or have other scheduled commitments. As long as you give us 5 working days' notice, you will never be asked to pay for a cancelled piano lesson.

  • If something comes up, or if you are ill and cannot attend your piano lesson as planned, no problem! Just let us know at least 24 hours before your piano lesson*, and we can reschedule your piano lesson to a different day and time that same week, or make up the missed piano lesson by doing a few longer piano lessons in subsequent weeks.

  • There are, on occasion, incidences where our piano students must cancel at the last minute. We recognise that these cancellations are often due to circumstances beyond their control, but to be fair to our piano teachers’ time we are unable to make up piano lessons cancelled without suitable notice.

  • Payments for piano lessons are made in advance, usually online by debit/credit card, and we send out your invoices by e-mail once per calendar month. Fees for lessons cancelled with suitable notice are credited to your next invoice, or refunded to you.

  • Your very first payment is for one piano lesson only. All of our new piano students start off with one trial piano lesson, to meet their piano teacher and get a sense of their piano teacher’s personality and approach to piano lessons before deciding whether to continue on a regular basis.

  • Before confirming your trial piano lesson booking, we will ask you to register with our school by submitting some contact details as well as reading and agreeing to our policies on payments, cancellations, and other important details.


*For piano lessons taking place at our third-party teaching studio locations we require 3 working days' notice to reschedule piano lessons, to allow enough time for us to cancel your piano studio booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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