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Our Approach to Piano Lessons

Our Approach to Piano Lessons

Music is a form of communication

Our piano teachers offer you a way to express your emotions and experiences - to convey feelings that are difficult to put into words.


Music is a way of connecting

It can bring friends closer together while singing around a campfire. It can place musicians from different countries and walks of life on the same stage to perform. Music allows us to relate to and understand one another.


Music makes us happy

It soothes us when we’re sad. It lifts us up when we want to celebrate. Within seconds it can change our mood completely. Creating music can be one of the most enjoyable activities in life.


Too often music is turned into an academic exercise. Staying in touch with what music is all about is crucial when we are learning to play the piano. Music theory, reading music notation, technique, and analysis are all useful, but they are a means to an end.


Getting the greatest possible enjoyment and fulfillment out of playing the piano: this is the final goal.


London Piano Teachers offers piano lessons that encourage having fun and expressing yourself through playing the piano. Our piano teachers create an atmosphere where learning and development will thrive, and your piano playing can quickly improve. Our piano teachers can help you get the most out of your piano lessons, and the adventure of playing the piano.


Our piano teachers know the key to enjoyment and creativity in piano lessons.


London Piano Teachers encourages you to:

  • Choose your own repertoire - music that’s meaningful to you.

  • Listen to music and learn to play the music you love.

  • Consider the emotional impact of the music you’re playing - breathing life into the piano keys.

  • Develop your ears, and explore improvisation and composition.

Meet Our Piano Teachers

Meet Our Piano Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions