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London Piano Teachers offers piano lessons from qualified and experienced piano teachers, located all across the UK.

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Finding the best piano teachers in London and across the UK just got easier.

There are many piano teachers living and working in London and other regions of the UK. How do you find and choose the ideal piano teacher to meet your needs and match your interests and learning style?

That's where we can help! We've already brought together many of the best piano teachers in the UK, so all you need to do is tell us about yourself and your needs and preferences, and we'll take care of the rest.

Steps to get started


Decide whether you would like to have piano lessons in your own home or in one of our studio locations. If you would prefer to travel to a studio for your piano lessons, have a look at our piano teaching studio locations to find options in your area.

Musical Interests:

Perhaps you already have a style of music in mind for your piano lessons, or that you have been working on. If not, create a mental image of yourself playing piano a year from now - what piece, style, or composer are you playing? If you're not sure which style you would prefer, don't worry - we have piano teachers who can introduce you to all styles of music, and you can choose your path as you go along.

Trial Piano Lesson:

Once you tell us your preferences, location, and availability for lessons, we'll place you with a piano teacher who we believe will be the best fit for you, and arrange a trial piano lesson for you to meet with your piano teacher. Only you will know whether we've found the perfect piano teacher for you, so after your first piano lesson we'll check in to hear your thoughts, and go from there.

Continuing Weekly:

After the initial trial piano lesson, if you feel that you have found the right piano teacher for you, you can continue on with regular, weekly piano lessons. Choosing a piano teacher is a delicate matter, and occasionally our students will have trial piano lessons with a couple of our piano teachers before settling into a regular piano lesson schedule.

Matching a student to the right music teacher is at the core of Cristall-Clarke’s business.
— Inge Kjemtrup, Pianist Magazine, Issue 75, December 2013