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Beginners' Piano Lessons in London and the UK

Beginners' Piano Lessons in London and the UK

With our piano teachers you can be sure to get off to the right start, learning from your area's most qualified piano teachers who have finely tuned methods and proven success rates for teaching beginner piano students.

Our piano teachers specialising in beginners’ piano lessons have qualifications, experience, and a unique skill set specifically geared towards teaching beginner students.

In addition to having a Bachelors or Masters degree in music, many of these piano teachers have degrees in education, and specialised pedagogic training in areas such as the Suzuki, Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Orff teaching methods. We also have piano teachers specialising in teaching beginners’ piano lessons to children with autism and ADHD.

The beginning stages of learning to play the piano can be the most important, and it is essential to have a piano teacher who is right for you.

Piano lessons for young children, under the age of 6, require a unique set of skills, and we have piano teachers who specialise in this, with the experience and qualifications to match.

For older children and adults, piano lessons can be very flexible, tailored to your individual interests, goals, and practical requirements.

We encourage students to take time to consider the options. That will help us match you with the perfect piano teacher right from the start:

  • Are you interested in having piano lessons in a particular style of music, such as classical, jazz, or pop/rock?

  • Are you interested in piano lessons that will prepare you for ABRSM piano exams?

  • What do you see when you visualize yourself playing piano in the future?

  • What are your practical needs? Would you prefer to have piano lessons in your home or in a studio, and what days and times do you have available to have piano lessons?

  • Do you have a piano or keyboard at home to use for practise between your piano lessons?

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Piano Lessons for Young Children in London and the UK

Piano Lessons for Young Children in London and the UK