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Featured Piano Teachers in Birmingham and the West Midlands:

About Birmingham Piano Teachers

Birmingham's Piano Teachers are Skilled Performers

Birmingham is a rich cultural centre, known for its world-class concert venues, vibrant music scene, and the renowned Birmingham Conservatoire (which has been educating and training pianists to the highest professional standards since 1886). Birmingham attracts some of the best classical piano teachers, jazz piano teachers, and pop/rock piano teachers from around the country and beyond, who are also skilled pianists who perform at venues such as Symphony Hall (widely regarded as the finest concert hall in Europe), Town Hall, Barclaycard Arena, Genting Arena, Bramall Music Building, Birmingham Hippodrome, O2 Academy, and the Jam House. It is from this group of pianists that Piano Teachers Connect filters out the best piano teachers through our rigorous application and interview process, to find the piano teachers with the most fun, thorough, and adaptable teaching methods, who are also professional musicians of the highest caliber.

An Inspiring City for Piano Lessons

Taking piano lessons with a great piano teacher is just one part of your adventure of music making and creative practise. Piano students in Birmingham can take advantage of so many great opportunities to enhance their learning. World-class piano concerts at Symphony Hall, free classical piano recitals at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, jazz piano trios and open jams especially during the summer jazz festivals, and world famous pop and rock bands performing at the Barclaycard Arena and sister venue the Genting Arena every night are just a few sources of creative inspiration to help drive your piano lessons. In Birmingham, one has a winning combination with access to piano teachers who are the cream of the crop and a music scene like no other.

Finding a Piano Teacher in Birmingham, Made Easy

Time can be a precious commodity in a major city like Birmingham, and at London Piano Teachers we want to make finding a great piano teacher who meets your needs an easy and fast process. As a piano student you should spend your time and focus on the craft and art of creating beautiful piano music, and not spending hours searching Google and contacting countless piano teachers attempting to find one that meets your needs, is highly qualified and experienced, and has an approach to teaching that works for you. We have brought together a great group of piano teachers in Birmingham, for every area in Birmingham, every style of music, and with varied and adaptable approaches to teaching piano. We have already done the tedious and difficult leg-work - let us connect you with the ideal piano teacher in Birmingham for you, based on your location, musical interests, and learning style.

About Our Piano Teachers in Birmingham

A Stellar Roster of Piano Teachers in Birmingham

Piano Teachers in Birmingham to Meet Your Needs

Piano teachers to travel to your home, piano teachers offering lessons in studios, classical piano teachers, jazz piano teachers, pop/rock piano teachers, and piano teachers specialising in beginners' piano lessons - our Birmingham branch consists of the most versatile and talented team of piano teachers you could imagine.


Qualified Piano Teachers in Birmingham

All of our piano teachers in Birmingham have a minimum qualification of a Bachelor degree in music, however many have achieved higher degree levels, and have several qualifications.

Here are a few real examples of qualifications that our piano teachers in Birmingham carry:

  • Bachelor of Music, Birmingham Conservatoire

  • Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Piano Performance, Birmingham Conservatoire

  • Master of Arts degree in Music, University of Cambridge


Experienced Piano Teachers in Birmingham

As well as being skilled educators, with well-designed and thorough approaches to teaching, we require our piano teachers in Birmingham to be highly-skilled and talented pianists. Our piano teachers in Birmingham have performed extensively as piano soloists, accompanists for vocalists and instrumentalists, and band members for touring and recording rock, pop, and jazz acts. Our Birmingham piano teachers have worked professionally as church pianists and have earned top prizes at piano competitions. Collectively, our piano teachers have a vast musical knowledge and experience that informs their piano teaching, and allows our piano teachers to demonstrate concepts and inspire their piano students.


Finding the Best Piano Teacher in Birmingham for You

Birmingham is a big area, and there are a lot of piano teachers living and working in Birmingham, so how do you find and choose the ideal piano teacher to meet your needs and interests?

That's where we can help! We've already brought together many of the best piano teachers in Birmingham, so all you need to do is tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll take care of the rest.

Steps to Get Started:



Decide whether you would like to have piano lessons in your own home or in one of our studio locations. If you would prefer to travel to a studio for your piano lessons, have a look at our piano teaching studio locations in Birmingham, and find a few options in your area.


Musical Interests:

Perhaps you already have a style of music in mind for your piano lessons, or that you have been working on. If not, create a mental image of yourself playing piano a year from now - what piece, style, or composer are you playing? If you're not sure which style you would prefer, don't worry - we have piano teachers to can introduce you to all styles of music, and you can choose your path as you go along.


Trial Piano Lesson:

Once you tell us your preferences, location, and availability for lessons, we'll place you with a piano teacher who we believe will be the best fit for you, and arrange a trial piano lesson for you to meet with your piano teacher. Only you will know whether we've found the perfect piano teacher for you, so after your first piano lesson we'll check in to hear your thoughts, and go from there.