Piano Lessons in Our Teaching Studios in London and the UK

London Piano Teachers offers piano lessons in our piano teachers' home teaching studios, music shops, and other partnering piano studio spaces, located throughout the greater metro areas of our cities.

Having Piano Lessons in Our Piano Teaching Studios Can Feature Benefits Such As:

  • Convenient locations all throughout your city.

  • A comfortable, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere for piano lessons, away from the distractions at home.

  • High-quality instruments - grand and upright pianos, digital pianos, keyboards and synths, and Hammond organs.

  • Access to your piano teacher’s library of sheet music, books, and CDs.

  • Many of our piano teachers’ studios have high-quality stereo systems and computer software, allowing access to digital tools including:

    • recording capabilities to record your polished pieces or your piano lessons for later reference.

    • music notation software to aid composing, arranging, transcribing, and piano lessons on music theory.

    • customised play-along tracks designed for your specific piano lesson material.

  • Lower-cost piano lessons, with no fee for the piano teachers’ travel.

  • Greater flexibility when scheduling times for your piano lessons.

Piano in Our Studio
Piano in Our Studio

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