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Meet Our Piano Teachers

Meet Our Piano Teachers

Highly trained piano teachers

All of our piano teachers have a minimum qualification of a Bachelor of Music degree - many have a Master of Music degree, and other specialised piano performance and teaching qualifications.


Highly experienced piano teachers

All of our piano teachers not only have ample experience as piano teachers, but also as performers, composers, and recording artists.


Piano teachers specialising in your area of interest

Each of our piano teachers has a unique area of expertise. We have jazz piano teachers, classical piano teachers, and piano teachers who specialise in rock, pop, and other contemporary music styles. We have piano teachers who specialise in working with children and adult beginners, and piano teachers who are best suited to highly advanced piano students.

Piano Teachers Connect strives to be more than an elite and diverse group of piano teachers. We also want to help build a community of musicians - piano teachers and piano students - who share common passions for the piano and are engaged in lifelong learning.
— Jonah Cristall-Clarke, Director

Our piano teachers are carefully screened and selected

Our piano teachers are hand-picked based on their qualifications, experience, and a thorough interview. We make sure that our piano teachers have organised and well-constructed methods for teaching piano lessons, with proven success rates. We visit all of our piano teachers’ home teaching studios to ensure that they are clean, presentable, well-equipped, and inspiring atmospheres for learning to play the piano. After the hiring process, we follow our piano teachers’ performance through the feedback we receive from their piano students, and the progress their piano students make between each of our student piano recitals.


We are very proud of our talented team of piano teachers, and want nothing more than to share their knowledge and expertise with you!

Why choose our piano teachers?

Piano lessons are an investment of time, money, and energy, and - with the right teacher - they can be a rewarding life experience well worth the investment.


Choosing a piano teacher is an important decision

  • The right piano teacher can change your life by helping you discover a wonderful outlet for creativity, self-expression, and enjoyment.

  • The wrong piano teacher can leave you discouraged, perhaps even with a lasting distaste for music and the piano.


Our piano teachers will:

  • Inspire you to grow as a pianist and as a musician.

  • Explain ideas clearly and in an organized manner, and offer a systematic approach to practising and applying these ideas to the piano.

  • Be interested in your needs. They will be flexible and good listeners, eager to find an individual approach to piano lessons that’s right for you.

  • Make your piano lessons fun and enjoyable, with the appropriate amount of challenge - music should not be a difficult chore, and should never make you feel bad about yourself.


We will match you with a piano teacher who:

  • Works well with your personality and learning style.

  • Shares similar musical interests with you.

  • Has professional experience in the piano styles and aspects of music that interest you.

  • Has an infectious enthusiasm for music and the piano.

Piano Lessons Offered

Piano Lessons Offered

Our Approach to Piano Lessons

Our Approach to Piano Lessons